About Richard

I first started tattooing as a hobby in 1993. As I worked full-time elsewhere it was something I did for friends and family of an evening.  Over the last few years the demand for tattoos has grown so I decided to open my own studio.

My studio is local authority health registered and I operate a strictly over 18’s policy.   All the cleaning equipment meets local authority standards, and I have NEW Pre-sealed sterile needles for every customer.  I’ve tried all types of inks over the years and as the art of tattooing has become more popular the standard of inks has improved.  My studio is fully supplied with top quality Skin Candy Inks – as seen in Miami Ink!  I also have the ultra violet inks which are becoming more and more popular – these look great when you’re clubbing and the UV lights hit your tattoos!

Most of my work is freehand and if required I can custom design a tattoo for you.  I think it’s always nice to have a unique tattoo so designing plays a large part of my work.  I don’t charge any extra for designing work and think it’s great if you come to me with a specific design that we can work on together and adapt as necessary.  It’s always important to remember the art you choose is there for life – it has to be perfect.

All styles of artwork are covered from the smallest piece on your toe to full back pieces.  I consider myself to be a perfectionist and if I feel a design needs adapting to give you the best quality tattoo I will say.  I like my customers to leave happy and loving the design they’ve chosen.

I feel it’s important to be comfortable with your tattooist so my studio has a very open and friendly feel to it.  Lots of my customers come with friends for support and we always generally have a chat and a laugh to make the experience more enjoyable.  I always have music playing but sometimes will put a DVD on if requested so you can switch off.

Your tattoo experience should be one that you always remember for the right reasons, the motto in my studio will always be “Good tattoos ain’t cheap, cheap tattoos ain’t good”

I only use Skincandy & Bloodline ink at Fine Line Tattooing.

Miami InkSkincandy Tattoo Supply was started in 1996 in San Francisco when the owner Mark August was getting his back tattooed by Ed Hardy. He noticed that the inks available at the time were lacking in variety and quality and decided there was a niche he could fill. It originated as a one man operation. He mixed inks by hand for eight years until 2004 when he got a call from Miami Ink. He was commissioned to make inks for the show and gained worldwide attention.

Skincandy and Bloodline ink is vegan safe, organic and will last in the skin forever. The opacity and tint strength is second to none and flies in the skin effortlessly. It has been thoroughly tested and is bottled in our on-site clean room facility. Mark introduced blacklight ink to the tattoo community in 2000 and it continues to be one of the best-sellers. Hee currently make over 125 shades of ink and are always creating new exciting colors.

The Expendables

SkinCandy Inks were featured in 2010 hit movie The Expendables.








Other Work
My love of art goes further than the needle and skin. I have been commissioned on several occasions for air-brush murals, be it on walls or canvas. Examples of my work can be found in the studio and around my house. I have also been known to take my air-brush skills to household objects too, including picture frames, ornaments and objet d’art.

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